3 april 2024
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Resident proxies in search engine optimization

Residential proxies are widely used in SEO for position monitoring and data scraping from websites. Proxies allow hiding the real IP address and simulating natural user behavior, enabling the extraction of accurate organic search results from any region. They serve various SEO tasks such as parsing, accessing SERPs, and overcoming restrictions, ensuring efficient data collection and optimization efforts. Leading providers like ruCaptcha offer a wide range of locations and high-speed residential proxies, minimizing the risk of detection and enhancing SEO strategies.
17 march 2024
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Introducing Google's New Ranking Factor - Interaction to Next Paint (INP): What Is It and How to Optimize?

Google's recent introduction of Interaction to Next Paint (INP) as a ranking factor has sparked interest among website owners and SEO experts alike. Understanding what INP entails and how to optimize it can significantly impact a website's search engine performance. Let's delve into the details.
15 july 2022
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Domain drop service and drop domain list

On MegaIndex, there are services for finding free domains (drops, deleted domains). Using the service, you can easily find domain names that you can use to promote your site.
1 july 2022
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Keyword suggestions from search engines

MegaIndex develops a tool for parsing search suggestions.
1 May 2022
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On-Page SEO Checker

MegaIndex created a very simple and useful tool that will help to find the main problems in your website health.
14 december 2021
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Healthy Anchor Text Distribution

Looking for more optimization ideas? If you're doing it right with linkbuilding but still are not ranking the way you want to, check your anchor distribution.
14 december 2021
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How many links can you find with MegaIndex?

How many backlinks does your website have? Is a blogroll one link or many links? How do you filter out doubled pages? How can you estimate your backlink profile accurately? Why does MegaIndex find more existing links to your website than others? Let's find out!
14 december 2021
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Link building machine: how to get natural backlinks?

Why would people want to link to you? The key point about your linkbuilding strategy is that it is a long-term process. Keep it in mind that each wise new link does bring you more ranking, especially if you are far from the top page on search engines. By saying 'wise' we mean that:
14 december 2020
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How to Manage White Hat Link Building with MegaIndex

White hat link building is one of the crucial methods you use to let search engines know your website is trustworthy. Being careful and responsible with links, you're ready to personally contact each website that can provide you with juicy links. You need the right tools for this activity. MegaIndex simplifies this process significantly.
14 december 2020
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Assess your backlink profile free with MegaIndex

There's a common problem for website owners and digital marketers when it comes to assessing backlinks, and it has the three following constraints:
14 december 2020
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What link building looks like in 2022and why

Since the very beginning of search engines, links have been a significant signal that they counted on while calculating a website overall weight which resulted in its final ranking. Most digital marketers even remember that time.

14 december 2016
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MegaIndex reviewed by Joe Youngblood – VIDEO

MegaIndex is quick and visual. Although it has room for improvement, it's currently free and it's definitely worth trying, — here is the opinion of  Joe Youngblood, SEO professional from Dallas, TX expressed in his digital unboxing video during  Tool Highlight Tuesday show.