Keyword suggestions from search engines
1 july 2022

Keyword suggestions from search engines

MegaIndex develops a tool for parsing search suggestions.

Tool is available for registered MegaIndex users via the link — MegaIndex.

If you use collection of semantics for satellite sites, close access to the site from SEO services. The script can be found on the Indexoid.

Using search suggestions you can:

  • Find profitable keyword ideas for SEO
  • Improve your PPC campaings in Adwords and Bing Ads
  • Get more sales on eBay and Amazon

Keyword suggestions from search engines is a public information. In fact you can gather some phrases using only specific search engine. But how much time do you need to gather all possible suggestions? 1 hour or one day?

Using MegaIndex you need only a few minutes to form a comprehensive list of real-time keyword suggestions per seed keywords from Google, YouTube, Bing, eBay, Amazon etc.

MegaIndex saves your time, grows the accuracy of your efforts in SEO and gives an understandable and convient user experience.

Currently, you can make keyword research faster, more efficient and more convenient.


  • Generate content ideas for new articles and videos. Expand your content marketing strategy by themes you weren't use before. It's a great function for content websites, magazines, blogs and vlogs
  • Find the most potentially profitable keywords. To get a huge list of suggestions isn't enough. You also should choose the phrases by which you have chances to get TOP fast and with the lowest cost. And it dosn't matter you want get top in Google, YouTube or Bing. The rules of search engines are similar in the most details
  • Optimize your the most popular pages, posts, videos depends on the feedback from search engines. You can find that Google, Bing, YouTube often rank your content by keywords which you didn't plan. So, it's better to combine your keyword plans and real results to expand content on existing well ranked pages
  • Form a list of negative keywords for ppc campaings in Google Adwords and Bing Ads. Due to the clustering all phrases on separate keywords, you can mark all words which don't bring a relevant audince to your website
  • Find out which queries people use most of all during researching products on eBay and Amazon. Use correct phrases in your titles to rank higher and get more product views in the marketplaces

Tool is available for registered MegaIndex users via the link — MegaIndex.


Tony Thomas
17:18 9 march 2019
I think best keyword choose for SEO is very essential for best ranking a Article or blog post.Above discussion is very important for new blogger who needs to learn some details on Keyword research.
16:37 7 february 2020
Thanks for sharing this exceptional and valuable information.
10:07 17 february 2020
Good Post!
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