3 april 2024
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Resident proxies in search engine optimization

Residential proxies are widely used in SEO for position monitoring and data scraping from websites. Proxies allow hiding the real IP address and simulating natural user behavior, enabling the extraction of accurate organic search results from any region. They serve various SEO tasks such as parsing, accessing SERPs, and overcoming restrictions, ensuring efficient data collection and optimization efforts. Leading providers like ruCaptcha offer a wide range of locations and high-speed residential proxies, minimizing the risk of detection and enhancing SEO strategies.
14 december 2020
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How to Manage White Hat Link Building with MegaIndex

White hat link building is one of the crucial methods you use to let search engines know your website is trustworthy. Being careful and responsible with links, you're ready to personally contact each website that can provide you with juicy links. You need the right tools for this activity. MegaIndex simplifies this process significantly.
14 december 2016
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MegaIndex reviewed by Joe Youngblood – VIDEO

MegaIndex is quick and visual. Although it has room for improvement, it's currently free and it's definitely worth trying, — here is the opinion of  Joe Youngblood, SEO professional from Dallas, TX expressed in his digital unboxing video during  Tool Highlight Tuesday show.