How many links can you find with MegaIndex?
14 december 2021
Author: Nikolay Khivrin

How many links can you find with MegaIndex?

How many backlinks does your website have? Is a blogroll one link or many links? How do you filter out doubled pages? How can you estimate your backlink profile accurately? Why does MegaIndex find more existing links to your website than others? Let's find out!

Is a blogroll one link or over 9000 links?

First of all, think of what you need: the number of pages that backlink to you matters less if you weight it against the number of unique links.

It's not enough to find all the existing links to your website. Before you can take data-driven decisions based on your backlink research you need to properly filter the data. Consider that you don't only have proper unique links, there are also several types of links that smudge the overall picture:

            1. Blogrolls or sitewide links
            2. Links from doubled pages
            3. Links to subdomains
            4. Links from the same IP

If your website has subdomains, it matters for you to find links that lead to the root domain and the subdomains, and have the possibility to filter one from another.

Some websites share the same IP, so you may have a couple of blogrolls from them, for example, and this looks like you have a lot of pages that backlink to you. But the real state of things is such that all those pages only give you one unique link. And you need to be able to clearly see it in order to estimate your backlink profile properly.

Your website backlink research

Type your website at MegaIndex Backlinks and you'll see how it works. The overall number of pages that link to your website may be huge. When it is properly sorted, you get a smaller but more accurate figure:

Download your free CSV MegaIndex report and investigate closer those figures. Here is what you can see:

Although the total number (SUM) of linking pages is large, a single anchor text for 12997 links from one root domain means nothing but a blogroll.

Index volume and updates

MegaIndex has its own index, keeps it fast and fresh. It has crawled over 138 billion of existing URLs up until now.

Each link has two dates assigned to it in the MegaIndex Backlinks report: when it's been added to the index, and the last time it has been updated:

Looking at it closer with the downloadable CSV version of this report, you discover, that MegaIndex updates your backlink profile daily:

This means that your most recent backlinks are probably in MegaIndex already, and you are one hit of the button away from discovering them even earlier than anybody else.

To sum it up, large numbers often blur the real state of things. Before data become actionable, you need to filter it properly. So if you want to have your backlink report fresh, up to date and accurate, use MegaIndex Backlinks as your backlink checker.

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