API MegaIndex

API (API) MegaIndex - is a set of software tools (methods) to obtain information directly from our database of links, which is one of the largest on the Internet. These methods have been developed for integration with external databases, applications and services.
MegaIndex has its own site crawler that scans documents (pages) on the Internet and makes an index of links. At the moment, the index contains about 315,000,000 domains and more than 138,000,000,000 unique links. Average period of updating information is at least two weeks.
Benefits of using APIMegaIndex:
Access to extensive and topical database of links;
Automating the process: server or application sends us a request and received an array of data in response.
Low price: The cost of a request from $ 0.0002, the cost of a single line of response from $ 0.00004
How to start using the API:

Register an account and select the fare;


Get the key in the section of API


Check out the description and parameters of the desired method


Integrate API into your application or service

How it works:
The application sends a GET request to the server indicating the API key, method and application requirements
The server processes the request and provides a response in JSON format or xml