How to Manage White Hat Link Building with MegaIndex
14 december 2020
Author: Nikolay Khivrin

How to Manage White Hat Link Building with MegaIndex

White hat link building is one of the crucial methods you use to let search engines know your website is trustworthy. Being careful and responsible with links, you're ready to personally contact each website that can provide you with juicy links. You need the right tools for this activity. MegaIndex simplifies this process significantly.

Find Best Donors in a Fiew Clicks

First task to complete here is to decide which webmaster you're going to contact. Start with competitors research and then benchmark their donors against each other and your website's donors.

MegaIndex fetches you the donors for the websites you want to benchmark and builds and easy-to-read report. Here is what it looks like:

If you want to see this report live, you can follow this link:[0][1][2][3] (no registration required)

The report sorts popular donors two times.

First, they are sorted by the number of competitors that use them. This means that we have donors sorted by tiers. Tier 1 donors are used by all the websites we compare. We may assume that tier 1 donors have the following parameters:

  • — they are the most natural
  • — they are close to the topic your website is dedicated to
  • — links from them are easy to get (as far as all competitors managed to do it)

Second, donors are sorted by Domain Rank which places trusted donors with most incoming links on the top of the list so that you can start link building from them.

All you need to do now is to give this report to your link manager so that they build the right strategy to get a link from each of those donor websites.

Get into Detail on Each Donor

Hit any donor on the previous report and see the outgoing links report for this specific donor. Here is what it look like:

If you want to see this report live, you can follow this link:,,,, (no registration required)

This time, you get the list of URLs and anchors that lead to the competitors' websites. This data helps you decide what sort of activity you're going to start here:

  • — guest post
  • — paid post
  • — register an account
  • — add link inside an existing post
  • — etc is a link checker that provides you with comprehensive reports on incoming and outgoing links for any website. Take data-driven decisions and build efficient online marketing campaigns to better suit search engines demands for correct SEO.


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