If you know the list of your online visibility keywords, you can manually check the snippets your clients see by googling each of them. Of course, in this case you need to do it from different locations because the search engine page you see depends on from where you google. At the same time, this activity would take you lots of times. Use this application to get this data instead in less than a minute.

MegaIndex Snippet Visibility helps you find your snippets and adds, and shows its rank in the search engine.

Snippet is a piece of text from your website paired with the link to your website. It's hard to optimize them because Google picks different pieces of your page and its description text according to the keyword the user typed in the search box. Google Analytics doesn't provide you with this data.

MegaIndex Snippet Visibility brings you the data about how users see your snippets when they google relevant keywords. You can use this data to reduce bounce rate, bring more traffic to your website and optimize your purchase funnel starting it from the search engine as step 1.

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