When using Megaindex your requests are processed on our server using our API – set of software tools (methods) to obtain information directly from our database of links.

Each request utilizes different number of API based on request type and number of strings:

For example: You want to see backlinks from megaindex.com. There are 5060 links. You will spend 1 API unit for the reques and 0,2 per each string (0,2 *5060). It will cost you 1013 API units in total.

Method Description cost per request. cost per string.
backlinks List of inbound links 1.00 0.20
backlinks/total backlinks 20.00 0.00
backlinks/subdomains Get subdomains data 1.00 0.20
backlinks/url_counters_total Цитируемость по URL 10.00 0.00
backlinks/changes Get link profile changes data 5.00 0.00
Account Management:
Method Description cost per request. cost per string.
user/balance Current user balance 0.00 0.00
user/units Units available 0.00 0.00