The number of views depends on two factors:
1. How often this keyword was search?
2. What page was it on each time?

Views = monthly searches / keyword visibility coefficient

The following figures for the keyword visibility coefficient are applied:
1 = ranked 1-3 (1st page)
0.7 = ranked 4-5 (1st page)
0.5 = ranked 6-10 (1st page)
0.1 = ranked 11-20 (page 2)
0.03 = ranked 21-100 (past page 2)
Character set:

Competitors' SERP

Competitors' SERP

Viewed, past 24 hours: 1011

Author: MegaIndex

App Description

What does your website look like when it's Googled?

Which keywords lead Googlers to your website in real life? On which page are you for each of the keywords? How does it compare with your competitors?

Find out answers to those questions with the Visibility Analysis application by MegaIndex.

You can analyse the keywords that are used by your competitors both in organic search & in ad campaigns in AdWords. You can get the data for two search engines: Google and Yandex.

You can filter the report by region, search engine, organic or paid search and see 3 types of keywords:

1. The keywords that range you higher than your competitors.
2. The keywords that range you lower than your competitors.
3. The keywords that don't range you even on the 10th page, unlike your competitors.

The data you get with this benchmarking report can help you build a strong digital strategy starting from your website content and its relevance to the keywords, and up to the bids you apply to your ad campaigns. You can compare up to 6 websites simultaneously: yours and 5 competitors.